Dedicated to innovation, sustainability and circularity

We’re specialized in making sustainable electronics solutions and look at the whole footprint. From sourcing to manufacturing to delivery. We know that often local manufacturing can be as competitive as manufacturing harf way across the globe, especially for SME’s!

Some of our most noteworthy projects

The acoustic BAT shield

A revolutionary way to encourage bats to leave the cavity walls of a house prior to isolation! Designed to be used by isolation companies.

  • no special know-how required
  • no special tools required
  • Works fully automatic and autonomously
  • Reusable, rechargeable and therefore cost-effective!
Ramen van een gebouw in Neurenberg, Duitsland

The cable theft protection

Have various small construction projects where you use temporary power provisions? Sites are too small to make camera surveillance cost-effective?

  • Can protect up to 7 satellites from the main power
  • Can protect up to 1km of cable (tried and tested)
  • Intuitive: power off = alarm on
  • Can work as silent alarm or combined with external sounders

“Smart Sustainable Electronics B.V. has proposed solutions that we never even imagined.
They work so intuitive and reliable”

Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint